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Views from the Top Row

Unfortunately for Scott Dohmann, and for "Furl the Squirrel" who runs the Scott Dohmann fansite, the Rockies elected to call up Randy Williams from AAA to replace Jason Jennings instead of Scott. I know Furl and myself aren't alone in thinking that Dohmann was more deserving, but we aren't the ones making the call, either.
Our newest Rockie has shown some pretty impressive tools in the past, but never much performance.

As the picture above indicates, the other news is the Anderson Machado era officially begins today. Hallelujah! The Rockies have finally gone out and grabbed the player who will single-handedly turn the team around... that or maybe they just got Anderson Machado and released Desi Relaford to do so. Albeit, it's a nice "risk" to take here as we really aren't going anywhere at short without Barmes anyway. Anyway, Desi should turn up again this season somewhere so don't cry too hard for him, and Machado probably won't be anything special, but he should be better defensively than any of our current backups and will bring more to the plate than everyone except maybe Luis Gonzalez as well.