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Game Thread - The Mighty Kim versus some guy named Dave

Kim for all his efforts on our behalf still only has a record of two and seven. Williams, meanwhile, has been doing his best to lose every time out of late for the Pirates but has posted a .500 record nonetheless. Go figure. In games where Kim has started, the Rockies have gone four and five, but he himself has only had two really bad starts thus far: May 28 against the Cubs, and then about three weeks later against the Orioles. Those were the only times as a starter he's given up four or more runs to the opposition. Williams, on the other hand --without the excuse of having to pitch in Coors Field half the time-- has hit that four run threshold seven times in his seventeen starts, including three of the last four (against St. Louis on the 23rd one of the runs was unearned). He doesn't walk many batters, however, and is sometimes capable of shutting down even the best offenses (as he did against Boston in June and St. Louis in April) so if he's on the Rox should be wary, but for right now I'm optimistic about our chances.

None of the Rockies besides Todd Helton have faced Williams in the majors, while Matt Lawton and Jack Wilson have three hits apiece off Kim in five at bats. Go Rockies!