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Views from the Top Row - more silly Chac rumors

Including this article from the official site which claims, among other things, that:

Chacon was the first player ever drafted by the Rockies, directly out of Greeley Central High School in Colorado. in 1996. In the history of the franchise, only one other player has spent more time within the Rockies organization, Todd Helton, and that fact nags at Chacon a bit.

So that being said, I don't know how reliable the rest of the information will be as I can see at least two errors in that paragraph alone. It seems Chacon is thrown in as an afterthought as a possibility for any contender that needs starting pitching, for instance, Philadelphia, but I can't see any real interested club that will offer us a fair trade for him. Meanwhile, New York media writers clearly don't read outside their own city, because if well stocked systems such as Florida and LA of Anaheim couldn't pry Brian Fuentes, what makes them think the Yanks have a ghost of a chance? If the rest of that rumor is true, however, I hope they don't get former Rockie Justin Speier, either, just because I like Justin and don't like the Yankees.

Tomorrow it's on to Coors against the Mets, the Rockies have to be happy to leave PNC park while the Pirates have to be getting a false sense of security about their pitching staff after this series.