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views from the Top Row- No Rockies trade rumors edition

As I'm getting kind of tired of them. So instead we'll focus on tonight's opponent, the NY Mets who are seriously considering trading away another key part of their future for Alfonso Soriano. While this deal isn't nearly as egregious to the Metropolitans as last year's Scott Kazmir to Tampa fiasco, it does illustrate the high price that has to be paid for help in this year's sellers' trade market.

The Mets are also thinking about returning Dodger Jeff Kent to his roots, which doesn't seem to fly that well with Mets' fans. At least we don't have to face either Soriano or Kent for this series although we still have to deal with David Wright, which is always tricky.

The Rockies, meanwhile are proving something less than tricky in the heart of the lineup, Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins figure on returning to form back at Coors, but in Holliday's case in particular we need to seriously assess how much long term value he brings to the team. His road series overall was solid despite yesterday's ofer, if he continues to do well the next time out of town and while away for the duration of the season, I'll become sold.

Oops, I didn't even notice this today, John Sickels' Minorleagueball has the community projection for Franshise update. As you can see from the link, a lot of people didn't seem to understand Francis as a pitcher or Coors as a Field or both in regards to his homerun and walk calculations. Jeff's been having an up and down year for us, and while recently it's been more down than up, don't expect that trend to continue too much further into the future. It looks like tomorrow Sickels will review our preseason top 20 prospects list, so I'll be sure to link that with Tuesday's Pebble Report.