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Toblogganin' down the Mountains

If you haven't checked out Sam's posts at Rockies Disaster Report of late, you're missing out. The JD Closser haystack type thingy is particularly funny, but kind of scary too. Kudos to RDR for being relevant and constantly updated as well.

Most of the other blogs haven't caught up to the Todd Helton injury just yet as a couple of posters seem to be out of town (notably Up in the Rockies) but TGTBTB has their usual in depth series preview and Mark totally called last night's win. He says we've got the goods tonight as well, I'm inclined to believe him here.

RoxFaninTN's blog Tap the Rox reviewed our shortstops last week, here's a taste on Troy Tulowitzky:

Tulo hasn't been bad, so there's no reason to worry about him just yet. He's still adjusting to the minor leagues..,"

Tulo.. Swing and miss, or missing swings?

I quote that because Roxhead offers a slightly different take: is truly astonishing how often Rockies strike out in the minor league system. This is a critical problem and as long as the Rockies allow this mind set to occur they will never be able to win games on the road. It doesn't matter which player you look at, they all strike out. Mr. Tulowitzki has 12 SO's or almost one per every four AB's."

Yowza! Oh it's on now.

No, I'm just kidding, really you should just click on the links and find out for yourself the rest of their stances. Also, though he did leave for the week, check out Dan Lucero's Final thoughts on the road trip made before he had to travel West.

Finally, check out the competition here at SB Nation, Amazin Avenue shows Mets fans dreaming of Steve Trachsel and Manny Ramirez. I wonder if they recognize how disparate the two thoughts appear. Well, let's just say one dream seems based in reality, and the other is like my dreams of Johnny Depp.