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Game Thread - "Frances Goes to School" versus Kaz Ishii

Our own Francis needs to get back to the basics as well.

Did anybody else read Russell Hoban's books about the little badger? Okay, so that comparison would probably really tick Jeff off, but he hasn't exactly been pitching up to the "Franchise" label of late. Ishii meanwhile seems to be the model for what the Rockies pitching staff is trying to achieve this year, that is to say winning with bizarrely high walk rates. Unfortunately Ishii does it with smoke, mirrors and extreme pitching parks, of which the Rockies only have the first one going for them.

Anyway, the Rockies should be able to win this one, but with this team it's always hard to say, and without Todd Helton? Well, at least we have the smoke and if Frances brings the jam, maybe we can fake them out. Mmm... PB&J... hmm... that seems to remind me of something in my not too distant past...