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Brandi G's Old Timey Trading Post

Get everything you need here, spare pitchers, fourth outfielders, backups in the middle, I'd even throw in a starting second baseman.

Who's Available at full price and drawing interest:

Shawn Chacon - Chac probably has almost as much name recoginition in New York these days as Donald Trump with how often he's brought up in the dailies. A Yankees deal at this point seems unlikely (the Yankees seem hell-bent on going for older cuts from other teams, with Hideo Nomo being the latest example) but some deal could still take place somewhere. There are essentially three or four starting pitchers with more or less equal interest from other clubs available (Chac, Mark Redman, Kip Wells, Jeremy Affeldt) a couple of higher profile/higher priced arms (AJ Burnett, Sydney Ponson) and a good six teams or so looking for starting help, so the math shows why there's so much stagnation in the market right now, as neither buyers or sellers are that desperate.

Update [2005-7-28 12:16:23 by Rox Girl]: According to Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees are renewing their interest in Chacon. The two prospects mentioned in the article, Ramon Ramirez and Eduardo Sierra, are presented in such a way to make me belive this is a "feeler" article with those two players being leaked by Yankees sources to find out if the Rockies would be interested (the Yanks have been adamant about not giving up Sean Henn, who the Rockies really want). Both RHP's are twenty-three, Ramirez is a starter, Sierra a reliever, and both have control problems (Rosenthal calls this condition "raw"). I think I'd pass. The Denver Post today mentions that Zach Day is being kept on a schedule in the Springs to fill in for Chacon in the rotation in the event of a trade, another sign that the Rockies are actively seeking a partner for moving Chac by the deadline.

Eric Byrnes- The Post reports today that St. Louis might be interested in exploring a deal for Byrnes, the LA Times has the Angels as looking for right-handed help and brings up Byrnsie's name, and the Yankees have tried the hardest to make the Rockies blink in their pursuit of the new acquisition. Dan O' Dowd is keeping the price high by making overtures that he thinks Byrnes will fit in the Rockies budget next year, while Clint Hurdle undermines this a bit, from the Denver Post:

"With the tag he will carry (in arbitration), we can't have him at that money to be a fourth outfielder," Rockies manager Clint Hurdle admitted.

Update [2005-7-28 15:33:25 by Rox Girl]:Even though Steve Finley's poor play is making the Angels a little bit desperate to fill this hole. It doesn't look like the Angels are really that interested in Byrnes at the moment, instead looking for bats with a bit more impact. It could have helped had Byrnes started off hot with the Rockies, but right now he's not attracting a lot of attention and an offseason move seems more likely unless the Rockies decide to dump him for the weak, unattractive minor leaguers that have been offered.

On Sale Now! Who we'd peddle off for dirt cheap were there any takers:

Desi Relaford- Destined for cutsville a week ago, management decided to hold off until the deadline to make a final attempt at getting a return for him instead. don't be surprised if he squeaks through on a last day deal, but don't expect too much in return, either.

Dustan Mohr- Mohr has heated up of late, last night's homerun being another example, so the last ditch effort to deal him could succeed once a couple of other moves are made first, he's an okay possibility for a post-deadline slip him through waivers deal as well.

Not For Sale at this time, but thanks for asking:

Todd Helton- Besides the fact that he just went down with an injury, the Rockies aren't going to eat his contract to have him play with another team when he's been such an important piece of our history and has expressed a desire to help build our future.

Brian Fuentes- Teams haven't been able to come up with the right package to lure us into a deal, and the Rockies have told him that he's staying put.

Jason Jennings- Again, the prices offered for JJ have been less than the Rockies feel he himself can bring playing on the team in the future. It would take a fairly advanced top of the rotation starting pitching prospect and some more on the side to get Jennings.

Of course, I'm willing to listen to offers for Aaron Miles, Jamey Wright, most of our relievers and even a few of our B list prospects. The Trading Post is open.