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Game Thread- Wright versus Zambrano

After getting some breaks to back up Jeff Francis in game two of this series, the Rockies can look forward to scoring some runs the old fashioned way tonight as Victor Zambrano is likely to give up a few. So is Jamey Wright, however, knowing how he goes at Coors, so tonight should be a higher scoring affair than we've seen so far in the series.

Expect a long game, expect some action, who knows -it could become a rout for either team as both pitchers are susceptible to the types of innings that make for Coors Field nightmares- but don't expect a pitching duel. Go Rockies!

Update [2005-7-27 22:4:11 by Rox Girl]:

The Rockies official site is reporting that Aaron Cook will get the nod Saturday for the first time in nearly a year since going down with blood clots in his lungs. Good Luck Aaron!