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Game Thread - The Mighty Kim versus Tejeda

At first glance, on paper Tejeda was looking a little too good (2.97 ERA, .192 BAA) so I looked deeper into his numbers for some hope, and came away much more encouraged. One: He walks too many batters (36 in 50.2 IP) to succeed at Coors. Two: He allows too many fly balls to succeed at Coors (granted, a lot of those have been weak pop-ups, but in the Coors outfield, those weak pop-ups become singles or even homeruns).

Kim is coming off another decent start, but as Roxhead mentioned in the game commentary from last night, he hasn't gone very deep for us this year. Will the bullpen have to go another four innings tonight? If that's the case the end of the homestand and the entirety of the next road trip are going to be tricky endurance challenges for our relievers. Let's hope for eight.