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Byrnes to Baltimore for Bigbie, Bigbie to nowhere for nobody

Those last two don't fit very well with the tongue twister of the deals that are taking place, but they represent the most bitter part for the Rockies. Along with Omar Quintanilla and Zach Day, having Kelly Shoppach in particular would have embodied the essence of all these trades of late and Dan O'Dowd's vision for "accelerating the youth movement".

Since this would have pretty much marks the end of the trading period for the Rockies (minor deals may yet take place involving not Desi Relaford or not Dustan Mohr, but the return won't be anything) it should be safe to step back and take a look at how they could have affected the broad picture and the coming seasons if somebody had kept their freakin word and not backed out.

So that said, I want to try and build a community view, position by position, and will put a general comment on each in the Comments section and if you feel you wish to add something, just hit the "reply to this" link and we'll be on our way.