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Pebble Report

Since I've been spending so much time on the trade deadline deals and non-deals and what not, I'll have to keep this short and focus mostly on top prospects and lemurs. I mean sleepers.


Aneury Rodriguez and Ross Hipke were roughed up.


The Dust-Devils had a solid game on both sides of the ball. Zach Simons only gave up three hits and walked three in six innings (he only struckout three as well, but for the moment the bigger concerns for me are the ratios with the walks --BB/9IP and BB/K-- rather than the low K totals). Frey, Becktel, Paulk Cuadrado and Van Kooten all had solid games offensively. And one of my personal favorite darkhorse prospects, Ethan Katz, continues to pitch very well.


The game was "Postponed: Other" according to the minor league scoreboard. I haven't checked with either the Tourists site or the Citizen Times yet to figure out what that's supposed to mean. Until I do, I'm assuming it was due to lemur infestation as they happen all the time in the SAL from what I'm told.


The Nuts would be a pretty decent minor league team if they only had an offense to speak of. They only scored a pathetic eleven more runs last night. What's worse, a paltry six Nuts reached base twice or more and a measly five had extra base hits. It's so bad there that if Michael Davies and his five RBI were removed from the lineup the Nuts would have put together only six runs and won the game by just one. Yeah, miserable, I tell you.


Ubaldo Jiminez had another solid but unspectacular outing. Jayson Nix another homerun, and Jentry Beckstead another blown save. But in a sign we don't need no stinking Kelly Shoppach:

Chris Ianetta: 3 AB, 2 H, 1 3B, 1 BB, 1 R, 1 RBI and 0 K's

Colorado Springs:

Omar Quintanilla was a double away from the cycle, Jeff Baker broke out of his slump with two doubles, and Ryan Spilborghs was three for four with a double and went two for two in SB attempts.