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Game Thread - Franchise versus Lieber

Coors Field, the day, Jeff Francis = Colorado win

It's a good thing too, as we need it after losing the first three of the series with the Phils. Of course we'll be watching the lineup for anything unusual, but the team already announced that Bigbie wouldn't play until tomorrow, quite conveniently I would say, and nobody else who would play is really on the block or desirable to other teams that I'm aware of. RFTN's diary on the right updates the roster moves the team made last night, welcoming Q to shortstop is an immediate upgrade there, it would have been nice if we had a new name at catcher as well, but we can't cry over other people's lack of scruples.

Congratulations to Boggs, Sandberg and other inductees to the HOF, and we'll all be listening to Gammo's speech I'm sure. Anyway, let's go Rockies!