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Game Thread: The Sometimes Mighty Kim versus Weaver

Independence Day? Not from the trainers' room for Los Angeles this year.
The Dodgers can't seem to catch a break as far as the injury bug is concerned, with J.D. Drew being the latest to go down with a broken wrist. Losing Drew's bat is devastating as what little protection Jeff Kent had disappears until Milton Bradley returns. This of course plays into the Rockies' hands as they have been playing well of late and are returning home. At home this year Kim has been an improbable wonder, striking out nearly nine a game, keeping hitters to a measly .701 OPS against him and lately even cutting back on the walks he's allowed.

Surprisingly, despite the injuries, LA is hanging close in the abysmal NL West. However, as far as tonight goes, it looks like it might be happy Fourth for the Rockies after all.