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Game Thread - Jeff Francis vs Odalis Perez

Franchise looks to follow up his domination of the Cards by shutting down the men in Blue in his return to Coors. The Dodgers counter with Perez, who's had mixed success at Coors thorughout his career, being brilliant at times and awful at others. Overall, however you have to like the Rockies chances as Perez's three year totals at Coors show seven starts with a 6.18 ERA and .331 BAA. Todd Helton has ruled Perez, but I'll tell you that the Rox will surely miss Clint Barmes' who has in his brief career gone nine for twelve against Odalis with four doubles. Look for Garrett Atkins to pick up some of that slack tonight. Francis, meanwhile doesn't do well against Jeff Kent, Ricky Ledee or Hee Seop Choi but seems to keep the rest of the Dodgers in check. With his new found confidence and return to Coors, expect Franchise to come out strong and the Rockies hitters should be able to take advantage of the rusty Perez coming off the DL.