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Views From the Top Row

First of all, is there really anybody besides the author of this piece of whatever thinking that the reason for the drop in HR for the Rockies this year at Coors is for any reason other than the fact that our personnel just aren't hitting as many homeruns period? I mean seriously, maybe losing one dimensional sluggers like Vinny Castilla, Jeromy Burnitz and Larry Walker has a little to do with it? And trying to blame the field for Todd Helton's slump is pretty silly too.

At least the rest of the article was kind of informative. I'll forgive Walker for his baserunning "tactics" the other day for letting Jason Jennings know he's tipping his pitches. As far as the trade rumormongering at the end, I doubt the Dodgers would have much interest in P-dub with Milton Bradley expected back, and it's looking like Adam Dunn is heading to Houston for a prospect package so cross him off the list also.

Blogrolling: Up In the Rockies and Tap the Rox both have been taking some looks at our minor league depth themselves lately, UItR's two views of various prospects can be found here and here, while TtR has been going position by position, most recently third base, but Tom's also done second, first, and catcher. Meanwhile, The Good the Bad and the Barmes has a review of the new Buzz Bissinger/Tony La Russa zeitgeist. Sam at Rockies Disaster Report is out of town and Gabe hasn't posted much in his absence, but over at Rox Head, we get some wishful thinking about Byung Hyun Kim attracting trade interest (I'd think we'd all like to see that, but so far it hasn't happened and I don't think it will) as well as more thoughts on Dustan Mohr, AAAron Miles and a few others.

Finally, the RMN offers a little of this and that on Marcos Carvajal, Jeff Francis, and Clint Hurdle being worried about our team's bunting. Nice to know he's got his priorities in order.

Meanwhile, if you still want to look for conspiracy theories regarding the stadium, hmmm, maybe it would be useful to investigate that mysteriously another crummy offense in the league this season seems to be equally perplexed by their drop in power. I wonder if they'll be saying the same thing after three months of Adam Dunn.

Update [2005-7-5 21:9:6 by Rox Girl]:

24 Garrett Gold named NL rookie of the Month for June. Congratulations, Garrett!