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A little more salt on the Dodgers' many wounds

Kitty! The Red Neko protects against illness and bad spirits, I think the Dodgers could use a few of these. Maybe the Rockies ought to pick up one or two, too.

So those of you who watched yesterday's game know that Jim Tracy had meant to use Kelly Wunsch as LOOGY to pitch to Todd Helton but as Wunsch was coming out of the dugout, he twisted his ankle forcing Tracy to go with the inexperienced Franquelis Osoria, who was prepping to pitch to Atkins - because, get this, Duaner Sanchez couldn't pitch due to "breathing difficulties and dizziness" (altitude sickness) before the game according to the LA Times (registration required). Could it get any worse for LA?

Congratulations again to Todd Helton, anyway. And to Jim Tracy, I'd stock up on a few more good luck charms if I were you, apparently somebody's put a hex on the Dodgers.