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Game Thread - Wright vs. Stauffer

So the Battle of the Theories on Jamey begins at seven Mountain Time. We'll see if P-dub's in the lineup or packing for a trip to Philly to join the former Expos (make sure you read RFNY's Rosenthal Diary on the right).

So this should be fun then: us lowly Rockies against the high and mighty Padres -fresh from the spa or the snooty beaches at Oceanside and La Jolla- and their prize thouroughbred rookie pitcher comes in against our lowly working class clod. You know I'm setting y'all up but it's fun anyway. So these Californians, feeling all good about themselves for being on top of the lamest division in baseball, come in with their convertible corvettes and their movie star glasses to our humble little stadium in the sky.

But we know what happens: Wright wins tonight. Stauffer gets an education in the one NL West battleground he prays never to return to. Then we cowgirls go get ourselves an ice cold beer in celebration and laugh at them Californians crying in their fancy cocktails and the night and the music will be sweet.