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Pebble Report

Despite a fair amount happening last night, I will have to keep this one curt.

Casper won eight to five, Corey Wimberly had three hits, stole two bases, and scored three runs. Cole Garner hit his fifth homerun of the season.

Tri-City won two to zero behind a standout pitching performance from second round pick Zach Simons who went seven innings and allowed only three hits and struckout two. With Simons and Shane Lindsay as the front two of that rotation, the Dust Devils have a pretty potent force. Meanwhile Ethan Katz and Efren Lira continue to pitch well out of the pen.

Asheville won in a rout -9 to 3- another top pitching prospect, Frankie Morales, was dominant with nine K's in five innings. He allowed just three hits, but two were solo HR's so he also allowed a couple of runs.

Modesto had another loss, despite a fine outing by Der dreamy-eyed Kaiser who went seven innings and gave up two runs on six hits and six K's (no walks). Nope this was mostly because only Seth Smith and Christian Colonel did much offensively.

Notice the theme here of strong pitching performances, you'd figure it would extend to Tulsa with U-ball on the mound, but he was only so-so, allowing an HR to opposing pitcher Randy Leek (the only hit Leek's had all year) in a four to three loss.

Mike Esposito was the pitcher of choice for the Sky Sox, and if it weren't for a seventh inning where defense and singles did him and reliever Alex Serrano in, Colorado Springs would have won. No, seriously, the Sky Sox outplayed Salt Lake on both sides of the ball (collecting fourteen hits - including seven for extra bases- to SLC's eight) but still somehow found a way to lose, six to five. How disappointing must that be.