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Your Consideration is Required

Dear GM Friend,

My name is Dan O'Dowd, and I am the chief general manager person for a small baseball team in the mountains of Colorado. Recently, my owners and I have come across the top secrets to what you call the grand global series or like tournaments. However, unfortunately due to a hostile altitudial environment, we are not able to produce this winning team in our beautiful country of Colorado without first achieving help from friendly teams such as yours who would be willing to keep these winning secrets safe for a season until such a time when we may use them again. What we require is for you to take these secrets to global series success -which we have hidden in the person of Preston Wilson- for a short time while we secure the correct mix for the predicament we are in. We will then be willing to offer to share with you these mystical secrets which are 100% guaranteed to work. If you are interested, please respond by using your best prospect as courier and send to 20th and Blake in Denver by July 31.

Thank you friend,
Dan O'Dowd