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Game Thread - JJ versus Lawrence

Two pitchers that have both gotten better after pretty awful starts to their seasons go head to head tonight. That isn't to say they're the same pitcher, however. Jason pecks around the lower half of the strikezone (when he's on) with his sinker keeping the ball in play and usually on the ground (which has been to his detriment up the middle and to the left this year). Of course, against the Padres twice this year the story has been somewhat different. The first time at Coors, he couldn't find the strikezone without getting slapped into submission as he allowed eleven baserunners in just four innings. Going to Petco he changed things, allowing only eight runners aboard in six innings, but the end result was the same: six runs given up, as he allowed three homeruns among the four hits and four walks.

Tonight? It should be a bit closer, closer especially than last night's fiasco. Expect both pitchers to get fairly deep, but they might give up some runs in the process. I see the total runs for the game around twelve with the lucky team coming out on top seven to five. Since this is a Rockies blog, and they are my favorite team you know who my choice is. Go Rockies!