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Game Thread - Wright versus Tomko

Woohoo, another Rockies award winner! Matt Holliday took NL Player of the Week, well, actually the "Bank of America Presents the National League Player of the Week of July 25-31, 2005" award. Talk about convoluted corporate sponsorships, according to the page, the most important part of Holliday's award is that it "reflect(s) the bank's long-standing tradition of promoting and recognizing higher standards of accomplishment."

I had Bank of America once, and I think it's fitting that they sponsor this particular award since that's about the length of your grace period before they start charging you out the wazoo for fees as convoluted as their sponsorship titles.

Anyway, on to the game, San Fran hates visiting Coors, we hate visiting Pac Bell, er SBC, that's how it goes, it's the natural order of things. Yet tonight we have Jamey pitching and he doesn't like visiting Coors either, so maybe we can pull out an upset. Still no Bonds, but apparently he's doing aerobic work and with this division, Sabean figures he still has a shot and pulled the weekend deal for Winn, dealing another part of the Bay's future in Foppert and by tossing out Torrealba, adding more playing time in the coming couple of years to Mike Matheny, and I thought we had catcher troubles. In two years, I'll be able to look down in pity on Giants fans and tell them I feel their pain. Probably even next year at this rate...

Update [2005-8-2 9:40:39 by Rox Girl]: I originally had this posted last night, as the off day threw me (hey, Rox Girl's months are Spring Training, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and Hot Stove, and her days of the week now are Francis, Wright, Kim, Acevedo/Day and Cook, and yesterday was one of the rare leap days, which are tough to figure out sometimes)

Anyway, because of that, we have this thread open all day to just savor and soak in the beginning of the Rockies new era -which contiinues tonight using a pitcher from an era long since past- go figure.