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Views from the Top Row - Miceli's season finished

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From the notes column at the Rockies official site, the word is that Dan Miceli has suffered six stress fractures in his left foot. The move to acquire Sunny Kim appears to have been very lucky for us as this loss obviously creates a hole in the bullpen. Kim pitched well today in long relief, and since we're using our last two long relievers as full time starters, well you see the necessity as much as I do.

Other news? Apparently Steve Madden's 2006 line is out but I can't find the link anywhere. Oh wait, maybe the other Rockies' bloggers are talking about a different Madden 2006. Whatever, this is the one that's important to me. ;)

Update [2005-8-12 14:31:27 by Rox Girl]:

Rather than post this in a new thread, the Denver Post today reports that Brian Fuentes and the Rox will get together and talk years and years of cash after the season. Also, apparently they figured out that Troy Tulowitzki hasn't played recently and will be out for the season. When did the Modesto Bee break that story? Like a week ago? Yeah, way to keep up on the minors, boys.