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Chris Iannetta

Check out the declining OBP as Chris is moving up the ladder:

Junior in college, 2004: .438
Low A Asheville, 2004: .454
High A Modesto, 2005: .381
AA Tulsa (as of 08/12): .367

The good news is his slugging is staying consistent at every level at just under .500. What I think we're seeing is more advanced pitchers better able to catch corners and Iannetta is having to refine and tighten his strikezone judgment as he moves up, but he maintains that nice ability to make good contact. I could see problems arising if he's forced too quickly into tougher situations. Still, the rapid rise and the ability to keep that bat throughout bodes very well, Iannetta could be an all-star catcher.

Career stats from the Baseball Cube.
This year's current stats.