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Game Thread - Acevedo versus Patterson

Two games into this series and the Rox have scored only two runs, while leaving twenty-three baserunners stranded. When a problem like that is affecting the whole team and not just one or two individual players, the onus of responsibility has to fall on the coaching staff. Apparently after Friday's loss, Clint Hurdle tried to address (second item, "When pressure's up...") the issue in the clubhouse, but it seems the lessons aren't being learned very quickly.

Today the Rockies have a chance to salvage a win out of the series and avoid being swept in one of the ugliest home series the team's played in recent memory (and with ow bad the team's been of late, you know that's saying something). Anyway, Acevedo tries to redeem his poor outing against the Pirates, and the "O" tries for redemption of the last two days.

Go Rockies.