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Game Thread - Cook versus Sheets

Okay, I'll try to be in a better mood now. tonight actually should be a pretty decent pitching matchup: Sheets, despite his record, is probably still Milwaukee's best pitcher in terms of stuff (he's gone nine complete in three straight games, though, so he's got to be winded). Cook could very well be our best in terms of stuff despite spending most of the last year rehabbing (ooh, there's a potential discussion thread for you guys). Tonight the two matchup at Coors and one or both could get hammered anyway. The Brewers have quite the youth movement of their own going on with Prince Fielder (their bigger, younger version of Ryan Shealy who's thankfully at Nashville right now) and Rickie Weeks building the foundation, so it should be fun game to watch for the future of the league.

Because Sheets has been used so much lately and now has to come to altitude, I'd look for the Rox to take advantage of a sub-par version and get to the bullpen much earlier than Milwaukee's used to when Sheets throws. Of course, a lot of that depends on us actually finishing a few circuits around the basepaths rather than being cut short like the past few days.

Go Rockies!