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Troy Tulowitzki

Born: 10/10/1984
205 lbs

Tulo was our top draft pick this past summer and started slow, then got injured, then got hot, and then got injured again and is now out for the year. At the time of his latest injury, he had this to say to the Modesto Bee:

"I found out a couple hours ago," Tulowitzki said. "I'm going to stay with the team and continue to learn and I hope to be able to hit in the cage in a few weeks. Right now, it's just a lot of down time. The biggest thing I can do is pay attention to the games"

When he returns next season, either for a short stay in Modesto or immediately at Tulsa, expect him to resume a rapid ascent up the ladder and be in the Rockies lineup by the middle of 2007. Tulowitzky apparently has middle of the order power and an ability to hit the ball to all parts of the field and displays a fine glove at short. Between him and Chris Nelson, the Rockies hope to be secure at short for years to come.

His career stats, including college can be found through this link.

His brief minor league statline looks like this.

Update [2006-5-11 18:48:58 by Rox Girl]:
Now at Tulsa, Tulo has jumped up his status with a strong start to 2006. At least thus far, adjusting to any level of pro ball hasn't been challenging to him, Tulowitzki is hitting both right and left handed pitchers well, and hitting well both at home and on the road. His defense has been as sweet as advertised, and recently BA rated his defense best among the minor leagues three elite shortstop prospects.