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Views from the Top Row- Rox going back to four man?

While putting the thump on the Brewers last night, the Rockies decided to move Jose Acevedo back to the pen, giving them a four man rotation for a couple of turns. Right now they are trying to decide between Zach Day and Sun Woo Kim as to who will replace Acevedo when we need five starters again.

"Zach Day can pitch himself into contention for that opportunity or Sun-woo Kim would be an available option for that opportunity," Hurdle said.

from Pat Rooney's Rocky Mountain News article about the planned move.

In the offseason, the Red Sox figure to need a first baseman, although apparently their writers didn't get the memo that we're not dealing with them right now. This article expresses strong interest in Paul Konerko (under the section "First Priority?") but looks to Todd Helton as another choice for the defending champs. If we were to trade Helton to the Sox, I'd look for Shoppach and Stern again for sure, and then one more elite prospect, either Hanley Ramirez or Jon Papelbon back, but that's just me.

Have you ever noticed that the Central divisions are troublesome when it comes to derogatory or exclamatory nicknames for the entire division? I mean, East can easily be changed to "Beast," or "Least" depending on how it is, while West always gets changed to "Best" or "Worst", but what do you do with Central?

"Oh, yeah, but they play in the NL 'Lint-roll' division,"

just isn't as elegantly simple, as "NL Worst".