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Game Thread - Wright versus Capuano

To me, this game spells trouble. Jamey Wright hasn't been good at Coors all year, and Capuano has been fairly steady for the BrewCrew. Is there a ray of hope? Sure there is. In Milwaukee, earlier in the season, Capuano carved through our lineup like brie with a chainsaw. Now, though there are a couple of things different. First, it's Coors Field. Second, it's August, and in two starts this month, Capuano hasn't gone more than five innings in either and has allowed 22 baserunners in 9 and a third total innings pitched, not a good sign for a pitcher coming to Twentieth and Blake.

And Wright? Well, okay we're probably still in trouble on that front, but at least we can count on six innings of lousy pitching rather than just four or five.

Go Rockies!