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Views From the Top Row - Last Night into this Morning

"I expect better. The frustrating thing is I feel like I'm kind of fighting against myself," he said.
Jeff Francis, quoted from the Rockies' official site, linked below.

Jeff Francis' struggles continued last night, as the Rockies wound up losing, six to four. The good news coming from the official site is that Clint Barmes could be coming back earlier than originally thought possibly by September first. Other notes from there include Clint Hurdle's continuing infatuation with mediocrity, this time in the form of Garrett Atkins, as well as the news that Q will likely head back to the Springs on Barmes' return and Todd Greene will be activated today.

The Rocky Mountain News says that Ryan Speier will be sent down to make room for Greene.

Be sure to read OhNoKoolAid's diary on the right for a fair assessment of the rather disappointingly uninformed opinions of non-Rockies fans posted on John Sickels' MinorLeagueBall site yesterday (as well as OhNo's as usual spot-on opinions on other things). Although it was interesting to read what these other fans had to say, I have to say I am so glad most of them won't be running the team in the near future.

Update [2005-8-17 17:12:16 by Rox Girl]:

SI's Tom Verducci in a mailbag column weighs in quickly and apparently without feeling a need to really analyze why Shawn Chacon has had success in his brief stay with the Yankees thus far:

What do you think of the job Shawn Chacon has done for the Yankees? Was Coors Field holding him back and was his 1-7 record with the Rockies merely hiding his true stuff? Or has he been a "fluke" in going 1-1 with a 2.16 ERA for New York? -- Robert, Nashville, Tenn.

Chacon always has had good stuff, and you shouldn't be surprised he's had success with the Yankees. It's hard to find pitchers who left Coors Field and didn't improve. It's such a grind to pitch there -- both mentally and physically -- that leaving can recharge a pitcher.