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Toblogganin down the avalanche

The Rockies Disaster Report is breaking out and setting up shop in some posh new digs, complete with Broncos and Avalanche coverage as well (soon to be Nuggets too, although apparently no Crush blog yet, Geraldine will be disappointed). Check out their site ASAP.

Other bloggers in action. Apparently something inspired Tap the Rox to go delving into the similarity pages of current and recently departed Rockies at and Tom posted the always intriguing results over at his site. Hmm, Joe Kennedy as Jamey Moyer? Nah, that was after his flukey good season last year, you'll see some more realistic comps come Spring of 2006. It will be interesting to see what comes of it for Joe with half a year at Coors and half with the A's.

Speaking of recently departed pitchers, Roxhead still pines for the days of Shawn Chacon. Meanwhile, Mark at TGTB&TB is seemingly pining for the days when he rooted for a winning franchise in Oakland (can you blame him?). At least he has another year of watching Liverpool get smacked around by my boys at Chelsea to look forward to. Ouch.

One more Rockies blogger waxing nostalgic, The Baseball Observer blog, which is to be somehow distinguished from the front page musings, isn't getting the same pleasure of going to Coors/Molson Field as he had in days past.