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Views from the Top Row

Whither the offense? Okay, so it's obvious the team still needs a lot of work. When Jamey Wright gives you seven solid and allows only two runs at home, you have to win or else you're just displeasing the gods who have bestowed that marvelous gift upon you.

Should we try to re-sign Dustan Mohr in the offseason? I don't know, as a backup I guess he's alright, but isn't that what we have Jorge Piedra for now? I'm just saying we have cheaper options than Mohr that could do about as well, I mean he was in the lineup last night and contributed to our non-scoring as much as anybody.

The big news from yesterday was the cutting of ties to Jason Young, who can now officially be labelled a busted draft pick and we can move on for better or worse. While I agree that he was useful filler to have, he was struggling lately at AAA, and was being passed by "bullpen guys" according to Dan O'Dowd, but also pitchers drafted behind him like Mike Esposito and caught up to by Justin Hampson. We're putting a lot of eggs now into the Zach Day basket for next year, and a few into the Esposito basket as a backup, but we could be in serious trouble come Springtime should neither of those two pan out.

From the same article, news on Brad Hawpe's slowed recovery (at the rate this is going, Clint Barmes could be back sooner) and why Scott Dohmann has refound his groove. I'll be doing a regular blog run later, but while I'm mentioning SD, check in on the sdfansite for more info. Dohmann, quoted from the Pat Rooney Rocky Mountain News article:

"I think in the beginning, I was trying to be too fine," Dohmann said. "I was thinking more and more about my mechanics than pitching. Now, I think I'm focusing more on pitch sequences and setting up the hitters better. Before, I was just thinking about personal mechanics and it wasn't working out."

Former and brief Rockie Mark Bellhorn is likely being released by Boston, after struggling early in the year. With our own offense struggling, if we get rid of Aaron Miles now, Bellhorn could be a cheap player with pop and patience off the bench, but that probably isn't likely to happen.