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Pebble Report - Thursday Prospect/Minor League Thread

Casper: had the night off

Tri-City: Travis Becktel had two hits including a triple and scored the go ahead run in the ninth inning of the Dust-Devils' five to four victory. Phillip Cuadrado contributed two hits of his own, including a double. George Delgado picked up his eighth save despite allowing a pair of hits in the inning he pitched.

Asheville: Not a good night on the road for the Tourists' O. Only three hits, including Jose Valdez's double was all they could muster in support of an okay outing by Frankie Morales. Morales pitched five innings and gave up just two hits himself, but also two runs as he walked four and struck out six.

Modesto: The Nuts lost yet another close one. Marc Kaiser pitched deep, but ultimately less effectively than usual as he gave up seven runs. Kyle Wilson had a terrific night at the plate, hitting a double and homerun and he continues to impress me with his bat at two levels this year. I'm mostly happy because his emergence means Chris Iannetta is not the only option at catcher in the system anymore. Wilson isn't walking as much at Modesto, but he isn't striking out as much either, and continues to smash balls at a pretty good clip.

Tulsa: Another team whose offense has gone on hiatus. The Drillers were down six to nothing by the end of the third inning, and wound up losing eight to zero. Ubaldo Jiminez dropped to two and four at Double A thus far and hasn't looked good at all since being called up. Is this cause for alarm? Yes, it is. If he can't pull things together coming out of the gate next Spring, we'll have to start prepping ourselves for another failed pitching prospect. Tony Miller had two hits for the Drillers.

Colorado Springs: Ryan Spilborghs drew three walks which is a very good sign, as both his power and patience have dipped significantly since his call-up from Tulsa, despite his continued strength at hitting for average. The slugging percentages of .525 (Tulsa) and .503 (the Springs) look similar, but the differences in park factors underscore the dramatic decline.