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Game Thread - Kim versus Prior

The last time Mark Prior faced the Rockies is a day he'd probably like to forget, as Brad Hawpe hit a screaming line drive right back to the mound, off of Prior's arm, breaking it before caroming up and all the way into foul territory where Aramis Ramirez caught it for the out. Luckily for Prior, the break wasn't as severe as it looked to be and he might actually wind up being active for more of the year than Hawpe. Which is another stroke of luck for my fellow Trojan alum, Bradley's not on the active roster right now, so a repeat occurrence isn't in the cards.

The Rockies are in a tought spot, playing out the dregs of a terrible year and the only thing worth watching anymore is to figure out who's worth keeping for 2006 and beyond. The scorecard on that front isn't encouraging, one girl's opinion:

Worth Keeping:

Brad Hawpe
Clint Barmes
Todd Helton
Ryan Shealy
Aaron Cook
Jeff Francis
Jason Jennings
Brian Fuentes
Scott Dohmann
Marcos Carvajal
Luis Gonzalez
Omar Quintanilla

Under the right circumstances, maybe:

Matt Holliday
Byung Hyun Kim
JD Closser
Dan Micelli
Garrett Atkins
Sunny Kim and a couple other bullpen arms if they stay cheap.

Not Worth it:

Pretty much everybody else.