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Views From the Top Row

I like this story on the official site about Marcos Carvajal. I really think he'll be a tremendous asset to the club sometime down the road. And it's nice to see him give his wife so much credit for helping his transition to the culture of both the United States and the Major Leagues. Too often professional athletes take such a macho attitude that their other halves seem almost irrelevant -ahem Derek Lowe, I'm talking to you here- that it's nice to see a positive portrayal of a two partner family.

Isn't it a little late in Jamey Wright's career to be expecting much from adjustments to his mechanics? Call me skeptical, but... well, okay you can just call me skeptical and I won't care, because really, come on, he's thirty one, he should have figured this out by now. Well, I guess we find out tonight against the Dodgers... oh wait, it's still just the Dodgers, maybe we won't find out tonight.

Finally, also tonight we embark on trial two of the Choo Freeman experience (Choo 2.0?) and hopefully we see better things this time around. I'll have a game post up an hour or two before we start,