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Views From the Top Row - roster expansion/ early hot-stove edition

Seriously, any day now I'll be over the hump and will have the time to post more regularly. Any day now... until then, a quick primer of what's shaking down.

Roster expansions take place in a couple of days, and the linked article goes to the official site where we learn that Jeff Baker is likely not to be included. The article also takes note that for some strange reason, Matt Holliday is suddenly not hitting again. Seemingly this amazing phenomenon coincides almost perfectly with the time the team left Denver. How weird. It's not like that has ever happened to Holliday before...

Also from that article, Jamey Wright's days appear numbered as a member of the starting staff in favor of Sunny Kim and Zach Day.

Hmm, it's almost like a shell game, pick two of three...

Troy Renck appears to be under the impression that the Rox will go after Ramon Hernandez in the offseason. I actually like that he brought up Rod Barajas, who I think could be Ramon Hernandezesque, only much cheaper. I'm not liking so much his idea of bringing Jay Payton back to centerfield. That was fun once, but seriously, that ship has sailed. Still, I said before I wouldn't be surprised if the Rox did go after a washed out vet like Payton, so stay tuned.

Without mentioning names, Tracy Ringolsby writes that the bullpen will be the major focus of the offseason, I think he's right and I think because of this, the aforementioned Hernandez will slip by. Ringolsby's ideas on the centerfield question hinge around a longtime favorite prospect of his, Choo Freeman, who Trace says needs to be played now that he's called up so we can really assess what he's got.

Anyway, I'll be posting a game thread shortly, but I wanted this up now to discuss some of these roster issues for September and for 2006.