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Views from the Top Row - Comparison Edition

Jorge Piedra talks about his similarities to Raffy Palmeiro, plus more about the failed Bigbie deal and its fallout and about Aaron Miles non-demotion to the bench in favor of Luis Gonzalez from the RMN.

Meanwhile speaking of comparisons, apparently a lot of people have been noting coach Mike Gallego and Omar Quintanilla bear some resemblance to each other. The picture of Gallego in heels that I got in my mind was probably a lot different from the one in reality, but I swear mine was funnier.

Blogging around the Rockies continues the theme, Tap The Rox made it out to Busch stadium and notes some differences between Rockies and Cardinals fans and management. TGTB&TB dips into the muck to make some comps of all our divisional scum-chums, and the Disaster Report takes on the task of comapring second baseman past, to second baseman present.

Apparently according to the Rox notes in the News Todd Helton will begin rehabbing in Tulsa on Sunday. And the official Rockies site has its preview of tonight's game up, in which we learn BK is so focused on getting into the minds of his opponents, he even dresses like them. He gets a little into his status with the future of the club, probably a good topic of discussion for today:

"I like this team, but I don't know about my situation," Kim said. "If I'm good, I'll have to think about that. But I'm not as good. My numbers are not good. I don't think I like how I'm doing, but it's a lot better than last year." "

So I'm including a Mighty Kim poll.