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Final Thoughts - Rockies four, Giants three

Mmmm, tasty G-men!

Matt Holliday is finally living up to the hype, I agree that it's got to do with going back home and getting healthy in OK, he must have worked on something while he was down there. Which leads me to another thing I've been meaning to say about Shawn Chacon, what finally convinced me his time as a Rockie needed to end was the whole whining about rehab thing, instead of using it as an opportunity to work with Bob McClure and step his game up a notch. If he truly felt he was above improving himself, than we weren't going to ever get a better version of him. Anyway, Holliday is starting to warm up on the road and his status as part of our future becomes a little clearer to me with each sweet swing of his bat cracking the horsehide.

Aaron Miles is finally playing his true role, pinch hitting utility guy, and the Rockies are starting to win again, go figure. Welcome Gen R!