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Rockies Top 30 PuRPs: Pre-poll discussion thread

Yesterday in the Pebble Report the community agreed it would be fun/informative to do a Rockies top thirty prospects poll which I have tentatively dubbed the Top 30 PuRP's (Purple Row Prospects) because the acronym sounds ghetto tough.

Anyway, this thread will be up to discuss the candidates over the next couple of days and then the actual polling begins on Friday and carries through to Sunday at midnight, Mountain Time. Qualifying candidates will be Rockies under contract who have not exhausted rookie eligibility according to MLB's Jackie Robinson Award rules: No more than 130 MLB at bats, 50 innings pitched, or forty-five days on the big league roster. This means Q and Jeff Baker still qualify, as does Ryan Shealy, for now, but most of our other big league rooks are no longer eligible as are unsigned draft picks like Reese Havens.

Now's the time to advocate prospects you have thought have been overlooked, as well as state your case against those you think are ranked too high elsewhere, or just give your general impressions or ask questions about specific prospects. The roundtable's open: