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Game Thread - Cook versus Hennessey

The Rox best chance for a win in the series figures to come in this game tonight. Aaron Cook has been very impressive since returning and he's starting to get the attention of the rest of the league. One of these days he's bound to have a setback, but I'm feeling pretty good it won't be tonight. Hennessey is one of the Giants' mediocre pitchers who seems to be brilliant against NL Central teams but mediocre against anybody else. For instance, in two games versus St Louis this year (the last a little over a week ago) he's gone fourteen and a third innings while allowing just eight hits and four walks and no runs. Meanwhile in two outings against us he's allowed a few more baserunners, and though he's pitched deep and only allowed two runs in each, he didn't earn a decision either time. Look to a better outing this time around from our team and the Rockies should win road series number five.

Go Rockies.