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Pebble Report - Tri-City triple play, Chaz Roe given some props

Casper: The official site has an article about Roe's early work, check it out if you haven't had a chance yet. The on field results weren't that great, particularly for Ross Hipke, who surrendered all five runs scored for either team by giving up two homeruns among four hits in a rocky seventh inning. Starter Brandon Durden pitched well, however, and showed signs that the project of drafting him might pay off some day: 5 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 6 K. Obviously in a five nothing game in the Pioneer League there wasn't much offense to speak of, only EY Jr had two hits, one double.

Tri-City: Thoroughly blocked sleeper from the draft, Phillip Cuadrado led a rare triple-play and homered among his three hits, and the Dust Devils won the game six to four. Travis Becktel went four for five again. I am going to have to go back through and count how many multiple hit games he's had, but right now that .464 OBP in a defensive league after a pretty good chunk of at bats stands out as something special, he's rising and I'm going to try and squeeze him in my top 30 somehow -I think I've been convinced to drop Ryan Spilborghs, so Becktel will probably take his place. Let me put it this way, after starting off zero for twelve, Becktel has reached base 74 times out of 151 plate appearances, for an OBP of .490, again in a predominately pitcher's park. Shane Lindsay will be in there too, but after yet another mixed outing where he got hit off of (five times in four innings) and walked a few (three), he's dropped quite a bit from where it looked like he was headed. Jason Van Kooten just misses my list, but he had three hits as well last night.

Asheville: The Tourists won ten to four as Dragon Lo went seven deep and won the game but allowed all four runs on unimpressive numbers. Joe Koshansky and Matt Miller homered and Chris Nelson and Jose Valdez each had a pair of hits. Also, catcher Neil Wilson chipped in three. I'm a little concerned about Lo getting a tired arm as he leads the Tourists in innings pitched already and seven more on a night when he's laboring can't be good for his pitch counts. Still you want him to build endurance in the minors, so I guess it's a fine line to walk.

Modesto: The Nuts are slumping still and lost last night six to two. Michael Davies had two hits including a homerun and was the only positive to speak of.

Tulsa: Sandy Nin will also likely make my top thirty, and yesterday his performance in the box score showed why. Eight innings, four hits, no walks or runs and four K's. Jud Thigpen hammered his fifth Texas League homerun among a pair of hits and helped lead the offense. Jordan Czarniecki has been struggling to adjust to AA but he also had two hits.

Colorado Springs: The entire PCL had the day and night off.