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Three in a row Thursday

Woohoo! Rockies win! I wonder how much Giants fans are missing having Yorvit Torrealba around now (heck, Yavid Haad's play has them missing Mike Matheny) while so far, the Rockies have been doing alright with the Larry Bigbie era (save a little concern about his D, see run #2) and JD Closser continues to heat up. Also, the Mighty Kim brought us one victory closer to inner peace with his seven stong innings of work. If he's affordable in the offseason, I see no reason not to re-sign him and think it would be a good call for the team, but it's that first part that's the catch.

Anyway, tonight the Rockies can go for a road sweep, which would amount to icing on the cake. Follow the Larry Bigbie link to news that Jason Young is likely to get the call in Monday's doubleheader, and also more on Fuentes' growth process. The Pebble Report will be up in a couple of hours.