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Views from the Top Row: Wright Targeted by Giants? UPDATE Rox claim other Kim

Dear Dan O' Dowd, look into this yesterday. Drop whatever else you're working on and call Brian Sabean right now. It can wait, when the Giants say they want something of yours, you take that call because you know you're going to get some good stuff. The article says they'd be interested this winter, but why wait, I say?

Anyway, I'll post more links in an edit to this section later, I just wanted to make sure the urgent message went through first.

Time for a Big League Choo?

This article from the Rocky Mountain News is chock full of info. Choo Freeman could be mercifully taking Cory Sullivan's place soon, Jason Young was scratched from his start at the Springs last night (the game was rained out anyway) which foretells his callup for Monday, and JD Closser has finally relaxed at the plate, I know it's difficult to tell, but it's true apparently.

Update [2005-8-5 18:25:47 by Rox Girl]:

The Rockies have claimed RHP Sunny Kim off waivers from the Nationals. His career stats can be found through this link. No corresponding roster move has been announced at this time. Thanks to poster malakian for the tip.