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Game Thread - Franchise versus Gosling

The Rockies are on the road, so this is trickier to win then it sounds. Still, Francis has been better of late and should he be on tonight, then I don't see why we wouldn't have an advantage here, especially with the way our offense has come on of late. Matt Holliday is definitely answering all of his naysayers (I have no idea who those people might be, we wouldn't dare say anything bad about him here, well not anymore for awhile at least) the last two road trips, and since he has come back from injury he seems to be playing with a renewed determination to prove he belongs, both home and away. JD Closser has turned a corner, and Larry Bigbie is providing an unexpected spark while Q!'s spark was a bit more predictable. All in all, we're looking pretty good, well compared to the D-backs at least.

Gosling likes to play with the razor's edge, having more walks than K's yet somehow maintaining a fairly low ERA. Like most things around the D-backs season, this is a mirage and shouldn't be feared. Remember Denny Stark? Yeah he seems like their version. Anyway, to get two series wins on this road trip would really be a sweet gift of vindication to the team for the moves it's made of late, and should give our fans a reason to come back when we return home.