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Game Thread - Wright versus Vargas

With yesterday's slamming of the D-backs, we won our second straight road series and fifth game out of the last six overall. Today for the second time this week we sit on the verge of a road sweep. The pitching matchup portends a lower scoring affair, with road master Jamey Wright going for us against Arizona's sweet waiver wire find, Claudio Vargas.

Offensively, we seem to have found our footing, Matt Holliday and Ryan Shealy are proving to be solid in the middle of the lineup and they have men on to hammer home now that Hurdle's sticking mostly with Omar Quintanilla and Luis Gonzalez at the top. Centerfield remains a concern that needs to be addressed, but otherwise the team seems to have decent bats and good enough gloves everywhere else. The bullpen has its shaky parts, but overall remains fairly solid (I'm so glad Scott Dohmann finally pitched and showed that he's back and ready last night!) and the starting pitching is missing a couple of cogs in JJ and Day, but the replacements, Kim and Acevedo, have proven more than adequate. In other words, we've got a team right now fairly worthy of the streak it's putting up (call up Jeff Salazar, and it will be even moreso, Dan). Anyway, I just want to say enjoy the ride because I have a feeling this is only the beginning.