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Pebble Report - Rockies minor league thread for Tuesday

For a pretty good recap of yesterday's games, you can read the bottom of the comments of the second game of last night's double-header, as Rockiesbiggestfan said most everything worth saying - except for mentioning that it was Chris Nelson's two run double that won the Dragon Lo game for Asheville, (don't worry, I'll be back to posting my own full recaps tomorrow, just a lot of other stuff going on right now so I appreciate the hiatus David's comment gives me).

As mentioned there in the comments, it's big news of course for Trevor Allen, who's promotion to Asheville was warranted by his strong play (until this past week when he started slipping a bit) at Casper. Congratulations Trev! Anyway, the move might be a precursor of further bumps, like Matt Miller or Joe Koshansky to Modesto, for instance, so keep an eye out for other moves.

This article reminds me, I need to put a number 11 Modesto Nuts jersey on my Christmas wish list. Baseball jerseys make the best p.j's.

In case anybody is wondering where Chris Narveson wound up after being released by the Red Sox last week, he went back to the Cardinals, which has to make the Larry Walker deal look even better from the Redbirds' vantage point, as at this point the only player they've lost in the deal is PuRP #30, Jason Burch.

Finally, I haven't made a link yet to Jack Etkin's column yesterday in the Rocky Mountain News so I'll do that here. Featured this week, number 19, Dexter Fowler.