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Game Thread - Ace versus Dave

So tonight Rockies Reclamation Starter Project #2 (with Byung Hyun Kim as RRSP #1, and Sunny Kim RRSP #3 that is, in the order of us finding them on the long-relief scrapheap and decking them out for primetime) takes the mound against Dave. Now, two weeks ago, you might remember Dave held the Rockies to one hit in six innings, and beat RRSP #1 or if you don't, that recap from the official site should clue you in. Because of that performance, he becomes a one name entity to be feared and tread around cautiously, like Alexander, or Rupaul. So tonight I wonder if Dave's coming to Coors expecting the same things:

Desi Relaford in the lineup? Uhm, no

Cory Sullivan starting in center? No, I don't see that happening either.

Lefty Todd Helton going zero for four batting number three? Well, considering it will be right handed Ryan Shealy playing first, I don't think so (By the way, I want to give an extra shout out to Marc Normandin's Beyond the Boxscore article on Ryan, which is also linked in the comments to the High Fence/Low Fence Thread, but it's definitely worth checking out).

Pitching at sea level? Probably not.

One hitting the Rockies? Highly doubtful.

Winning? I'd say that's a definite no.

Go Rockies!