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Views from the Top Row - One more year of Apodaca?

At least for an offseason and into 2006 as the Rockies have invited the entire coaching staff back (link from the official Rockies site). This is from the Thomas Harding article:

The evaluation this year was a tougher process. Hurdle indicated that he and general manager Dan O'Dowd had to "agree to disagree" on some issues. But Hurdle agreed with the heightened standards.

"I believe in stability, but I believe in holding people accountable as well," Hurdle said. "I want coaches that make a difference. I tell players that doing OK is not good enough. I can't have a coach that is just doing OK. We can't have a manager that is doing OK."

There are definitely fissures occuring between O'Dowd and Hurdle and I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them gone by midseason next year if we start off as badly. Evenso, I think at this point we have to be looking for a midseason change to occur unless we really see some significant improvement with the players. If Hurdle goes, most of the coaching staff will likely go with him.