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Pebble Report - Rockies Minor League Awards Thread

With the Rockies' minor season ending a couple of days ago (when Modesto got swept in the second round of the playoffs) this should be a good time to review the season, so here's a thread to get that started. I want to be sure I'm not forgetting any category, so this post should serve as a general prep thread and we could have more specific threads for each category. The awards I was thinking of and remember others on the site mentioning included the following:

Player/Pitcher of the year (for each org. as well as overall)
Most Improved
Biggest breakout performance
Top newcomer

Is Tulo the top new Rockies prospect?

I'm going to add a couple of categories,

Biggest disappointment/bust
Most Surprising (different from a breakout, this is someone who you wouldn't expect to have it in them)
Best acquisition (non draft)
Biggest loss (via trade or free agency)
Biggest sleeper for 2006

and want to hear your input on the structure and how this should proceed.