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Since August First: Forty "Meaningless" Games

Starting pitching:

The Rockies' record when starting Aaron Cook and the two Kims:  15 - 5

The Rockies record when starting anybody else:  6 - 14

That's a drop off from a first division club, to.., well the Rockies. Going into next year we have to figure out a way to retain all three of our top starters. Cook and Sunny Kim should be easy since they aren't free agents, but BK is going to be the tricky one. He's obviously not going to command the salary he's getting this year in the open market, but will the drop be enough to make the Rockies competitive in bidding for his services? That's tough, but not as hard as it will be to scratch up a similar pitcher. I think we have to at least give it a run.

Jeff Francis' collapse is disappointing, but not unprecedented for rookies and it could be insignificant in the long run. What's most important is that he bounces back next year. The last slot is right now held by Zach Day, but none of our options have shown us much here. Should we go back to Jamey Wright? I think I'd rather we gave Mike Esposito a shot at this point.