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Game Thread - Cook versus Vargas

Zach Day's broken thumb in the first inning last night means the Rockies will have to hope their other two starters can go deep. Luckily for our bullpen today, Aaron Cook gets the nod as he continues one of the more remarkable runs for a starter in our franchise's history. It's not just that he's been winning and has come back strong from a very scary injury, but statistically, he's pitching better than the very strong second half of 2004 where he left off. He's reversed his K/BB ratio (it was 13 K's/19 BB's from July to the end of his season last year, it's 18 K's / 9 BB's this season), lowered his WHIP (1.33 from 1.42) and even his strongest stat, that amazing GB/FB ratio, has improved from a little above 2/1 at the end of last year to over 3/1 this season.

I think the Rockies have finally found themselves an ace - let's just hope Big Red stays that way, and stays a Rockie.